I am getting REALLY great at Spanish!

You betcha he maintained mi Duolingo streak por cuarenta días!! Estoy AMAZING!!! Solo perdí mi streak probablemente tres o cuatro veces!!! Pero yo lo gané back! I am really seeing my hard work reflect in my now exponentially improving español! Wow!!!!

I am being sarcastic of course.

Esto he sido muy duro.

You betcha soy aún double checking every single word que escrito en español to make sure ‘yo sé que estoy doing’.

Honestly, he sido muy discouraged porque ahora he estado aprendiendo español todos los días por 40 días! Why aren’t I fluent yet?! Yo sé que aprendiendo una lingua takes mucho tiempo y mucha paciencia. Pero estoy impatient! Yo queiro ser el mejor ahora!

Am I using the correct for of ‘to be’ the entire time above?! I dunno!! Eso espero! Yeah I looked that up!

What’s the difference between ‘he creo’ y ‘tengo que creo’? I dunno!!!


He usado Rosetta Stone por a while now y I do think que lo es diferent de Duolingo en  un good way. Soy un perfectionist y porque esto siempre creo que necesito completar all simple lessons before I can move on to the more challenging lessons. I’m sure this is one of the reasons que I am struggling to feel as though I am aprendiendo y improving. I know what will help me to improve is taking proper classes and being able to speak in Spanish to someone else, I just can’t quite afford to yet so I have to persevere with the apps for now.

There is no real structure to this blog post hoy. It’s just a small check in and rant that I still suck. I will write one where I talk about the pros and cons of RS and Duo, and which one I like better.

Here’s proof I’ve maintained my streak since I first wrote about it!

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 10.56.43 AM

Hasta la proxima vez!


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